Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer so far....

4th of July at Camano Island

She touched it!

Daddy's girl

On the way to the parade...and yes, we are in it! (very small)

Sara and I dressed the girls in the same outfit without knowing!

Camano Island

Walking to the 4th of July Parade - at Camano Island (brother-in-law has a cabin here)

My attempt at a birthday cake

Really into princess dresses and accessories...

What a happy birthday girl!

Birthday girls and their moms!

Birthday cupcake time!

We had the party at Grasslawn park so the kids got to play at the little water area there.

Cousins at the birthday party!

The mamas just before the double-birthday party begins

At her birthday party!

Birthday girl - princess dress and scooter were 2 of her favorite presents

Cousins in Chelan Memorial Day Weekend

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